Hotel Marketing Plan

A hotel marketing plan relies on visual appeal to connect with consumers. In addition to making sure that the target audience is clearly identified and understood, the hotel facility must be both aesthetically appealing and highly visible to achieve results.

Video marketing should be included in any hotel marketing plan. The customers are able to envision themselves in the rooms and throughout the facility if they are able to see it. An automated video tour could be one way to utilize video marketing. Submitting content to a social media site or recording a mini-commercial to be featured on the home page of a website is another way to do this.

Social media should also be a part of a hotel marketing plan. The hotel marketing plan has to be accessible to the consumers. This means that the hotel has to be where the consumers are. Having a social media presence on a site helps the restaurant gain feedback and offers the chance for the brand to connect directly with potential visitors.

Using a slideshow in a hotel marketing plan can also be helpful. The slideshows are inexpensive to create and they only require a high-resolution digital camera to take the quality pictures. When the slideshow is finished, it should be added to the hotel’s Facebook page. Making the slideshow the landing page for visitors is an ideal way to immediately draw in the visitor.

Creating timely press releases for events hosted at the facility is essential. All hotel marketing plans should have the resources in place to create the press releases for any major events or conventions hosted at the venue. Doing this serves two purposes: (1) it provides a way for the hotel to be featured in search engine results if keywords are used and (2) it creates an opportunity for the hotel to add value to an event hosted at its location. To the customer, the hotel is providing an additional service beyond great accommodations; it’s also demonstrating its commitment to making sure the event gets the attention it deserves.

Hotel marketing plans have to rely more heavily on the visibility and aesthetic components to truly capture the audience.

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